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I am Joanne Mathon and I am the sole proprietor of Mother Nurture Childbirth Education and Services. Mother Nurture was born in the summer of 1997, a year and a bit after the birth of my first child.

From the fall of 1992 to the summer of 1998 I was an elementary French immersion teacher with the Waterloo Regional District School Board. In January 1997 I began the process of looking for a different profession. My journey that led to Mother Nurture began in March of 1997, when a close friend told me I should teach mothering. At first, I had no idea what that meant but it sure struck a cord deep within me. It was only after a few months of reading, talking to people, and searching that Childbirth Education became a clear path. So it was then, that I began the process of certifying with the International Childbirth Education Association. I am now proud to say that I have finally completed the certification process and am now a fully certified childbirth educator!

My vision for Mother Nurture has changed quite a bit since then, but one thing stays constant, my overwhelming passion for pregnancy, labour, childbirth and early parenting. In today's insular society, parents are often left on their own during this most important time. I want to nurture parents during this time, to encourage them to listen to their own inner wisdom and not to the "experts". I believe that women have the inner wisdom to guide them through the birth of their child, however society has taught women to ignore that wisdom and listen to the professionals. Clearly, there are times when there is great need of professional help, and I am grateful that there is birth technology out there that saves lives. Would it not be wonderful if the technology was only used for those ends?

My own births taught me a lot. Please read and enjoy them.

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