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To say to a woman that the only thing that is important in the birth process is the health of her and her baby is to deny her feelings and emotions, thereby trivializing a major element of her experience.

Everyone agrees that it is very important that the ideal outcome should be a healthy baby and mother.

However, the mother's emotional experience of the birth matters a great deal. Misunderstood or denied emotions can lead to problems such as Post Partum Depression, difficult breastfeeding and bonding, and heightened anxiety during subsequent pregnancies and labours.

We believe that a woman and her partner have the right to feel any emotion. We also believe that sometimes women and their partners need help in dealing with those feelings in order to optimize their parenting and ability during subsequent births.

Some women just need an opportunity to talk about their birth experience with someone who is willing to listen; other women need a more active approach to embracing their birth experience.

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